Testimonials – (Parents)
Ahmed Hussain, Father of Shazia Hussain, Student – Class X Moradabad : I am extremely glad that my daughter, instead wasting time on Orkut, is spending her time voluntarily on your site taking on-line tests since this enables her to assess her standing. She is enjoying her studies also now.
David Thomas, Father of Stephen Thomas, Student – Class X Mizoram : Your on-line tests and other features are so convenient and effective that my son now aims to top his class I’m thankful to testlabz for inspiring him to this extent.
Meera Jain, Mother of Shobhit Jain, Student Class – X, Gwalior : I’m really fascinated with your efforts at targeting the sharpening skills of students and the methodology followed – the regular assessments, the diagnostic reports, 'the daily, weekly and monthly question feature etc'. My son has become a regular visitor of your site and is extracting innumerable benefits from it.
Kamal Panda, father of Summir Panda, Student – Class VIII Raipur : My daughter who had a terrible phobia of Maths is now extremely relieved after registering herself with the site. The increase in her speed at solving the maths problems is a proof of the efficiency of testlabz. Thanks a lot!
Farha Khan, Mother of Ashima Khan, Student – Class VII Malerkotla : I’m amazed to see my daughter who was hesitant in clarifying any doubt about her papers with her teachers in the school, easily taking on-line tests on testlabz, and on getting the reports, making efforts to improve further. It is great to see my daughter enjoy this learning system.
Gurjeet Sudhi, Father of Gurpreet Sodhi, Student – Class VI Bareilly : Thanks testlabz for giving such an invaluable guidance and personalized attention to the students of all backgrounds. Your special effort to bring up the level of weaker students is praisworthy!
Anita Negi, Mother of Amrita Negi, Student – Class III Palampur : As a working woman, I’m highly thankful to Testblaz for providing excellent educational facilities on the site. My daughter is totally engaged in the positive activity and my running around for a good coaching institute is also over.
Testimonial - Students
Neha Sharma, Student – VIII : My practice at Multiple-choice-questions has taken me to the very depth of chapters and all my doubts at concepts are clearing now. Thanks to testbalz.com!
Gaurav Chaddha, Student – Class IX : Thanks a lot to testlabz.com for helping me in getting the answers of some very difficult and confusing questions. I feel so nice and confident in my school now.
Arvind Bannerjee, Student – Class IV : There was a time when I was terrified of maths. I am really thankful to your site for removing the phobia at this early-stage only which will enable a stronger career foundation for me.
Sanjay Agarwal, Student – Class VI : Thanks a lot Testslabz.com for kindling the spirit of competition in me From a shy back-bencher in the class, I’m now considered as one of the brightest students by my teachers.
Nishith Agarwal, Student – Class X : Apart from the invaluable on-line tests and ‘Answer the Question’ features, I’m extremely thankful to testlabz.com for providing us the latest news related with the board exams as well as the NCERT and CBSE related events.
Roonam Hussain, Student – Class X  : My parents were hesitant in sending me to a coaching institute. The tough problems I was facing at Maths and Science and my homework activities have all been so efficiently solved by testlabz.com. Thanks a lot!!
Testimionials - Teachers
Neena Walia, Teacher – St. John’s School : testlabz.com is a perfect site for self-assessment by students. After they registered themselves on the site, I feel that their performance in the class has also improved considerably.
Atul Khanna, Teacher – Modern Public School : It is great to see that students can appear for tests everyday, which is otherwise, not possible in any school. This way, they are able to keep up the pace of studies in school.
Nikita Yadav, Teacher – D.A.V. School : The site, testlabz.com can, not only improve the intellectual level of the students, but also help in the overall development of their personality – all to the credit of fun column, quizzes, competitions etc. available at one site!
Shernaz Patel, Teacher – Kendriya Vidyalaya : I can assure everybody that the site is extremely reliable for kids. It will not only improve their grades, but also help in the development of thought-process and sharpen their logical skills which is a must in their future for success in career.
Gurpreet Singh, Teacher – Guru Harkishan School : All kudos to the site for keeping the students catch up with the fast moving world of competition!
Ruchi Gupta, Teacher – Ursuline Senior Secondary School : testlabz.com is doing a very appreciable job by providing the students and parents an opportunity to solve each and every problem in educational field, as well as sorting out other problems through counselling available at anytime!!
Shabbir Khan, Teacher – Appejay School : The website is successfully designed to help school goers gain an edge since it is committed to empowering the young at the right time!